July 10, 2019

This week we have what may be a CSA first: shallots! We tried unsuccessfully to include these a few years ago, so I think this is the first time shareholders have actually gotten hold of these sweet cousins to the … Continued

July 3, 2019

Planting, harvesting, weeding, and fighting with bugs, gophers, squirrels, and skunks continues this week, as always. One of the challenges of organic farming is how to keep all the pests and weeds at bay without the use of conventional chemicals. … Continued

June 26, 2019

Happy summer! After Friday’s solstice, summer has arrived in earnest and it has brought the bugs. I’m sure you’ve all had a few encounters with the no-see-ums, but now the grasshoppers, aphids, thrips, and more are getting up to no … Continued

June 19, 2019

A few nights ago my husband spotted something really cool. A cicada shedding its skin right outside our window. Similar to a butterfly coming out of a chrysalis, the cicada really had to work to get out of that too-small … Continued

June 12, 2019

Here come the veggies! The warm weather these last two weeks has finally jumpstarted our crops and now the harvest is going strong! We have full baskets this week, with our first shot at collard greens, leeks, and salad turnips. If … Continued

June 5, 2019

Well things are finally warming up and the plants are acting like it! Crops were headed out into the field this week as the last frost has finally passed, and it won’t be long before the eggplant, summer squash, and … Continued

May 29, 2019

Hmm. Another cold, wet Monday. One week was a surprise, but two weeks is crazy! As you can imagine, things are moving slowly this season. Both Willowbrook and Whipstone Farms are still waiting to harden off tender seedlings before transplanting … Continued

May 22, 2019

Brrr! My children (and many of our shareholders’ as well) go to our local Waldorf school, where we just celebrated May Day. The children chased King Winter away and welcomed Lady Spring. But as it was hailing this morning we … Continued

May 15, 2019

Welcome to the 13th season of Verde Valley CSA! To our new members, welcome and thank you for supporting local farmers. We are so excited to serve you this season. And to all our returning shareholders, thank you for your continued support … Continued