July 7, 2021

What a lovely time of year. It is such a relief to be seeing some rain and feeling the cooler temperatures that come with it. I can’t say enough good things about the benefits of even a little precipitation! This part of the summer coincides with the start of peak production on our farms. Just look at this week’s basket! We have our first taste of fruit with some apricots from Willowbrook Farm, as well as peas (sugar and snap), and shishito peppers. One of my favorite parts of the CSA is when each item of produce makes its first (and sometimes only) appearance of the season. As shareholders who have been with us for a number of years can surely attest, there is something so lovely and familiar about marking the turns of the seasons with each different fruit and vegetable that we get.

July 28th is the midway point of the season. I will be sending out payment reminders later this week for those of you who are paying for your share in two installments. If for any reason you do not plan on continuing your membership with the CSA during the second half of the season, please let me know as soon as possible so we can work to fill your space. Thanks for your help.

Have a fabulous week!

What’s in your basket – July 7th

Apricots – Willowbrook Farm
Carrots – Whipstone Farm
Garlic – Willowbrook Farm
Kale – Willowbrook Farm
Peas – Whipstone Farm
Radishes – Willowbrook Farm
Salad mix – Whipstone Farm
Shishito peppers – Willowbrook Farm
Summer squash – Willowbrook Farm

Shanti at Whipstone Farm with some gorgeous artichoke blossoms.

Delicious peas headed your way!

Fresh apricots are our first fruit of the season.

Harvesting carrots takes a lot of hands. So grateful for the whole Whipstone crew!

Loving all this delicious summer squash. Yum.