July 28, 2021

The rain continues (thank goodness!) and we are happy to report that our growers are still safe from hail and flooding. In fact, despite all of the rain – which can cause the skins to split – the tomatoes are still doing great!

This week we have some delicious peaches from Gratitude Orchard in Sedona. This family-run orchard is right in the heart of Sedona and their fruit is absolutely delicious. I had the pleasure of bringing some of their fruit home last week and enjoyed two delicious peach pies. I hope you will enjoy this pure taste of summer as much as my family has.

If you are not continuing with the CSA during the second half of the season, this will be your last week. Thanks for supporting our local farmers!

Have a cozy week!

What’s in your basket – July 28th
Cherry tomatoes – Willowbrook Farm
Cucumbers – Willowbrook Farm
Parsley – Whipstone Farm
Peaches – Gratitude Orchard
Potatoes – Sanders’ Farm
Salad mix – Willowbrook Farm
Scallions – Whipstone Farm
Tomatoes – Willowbrook Farm

Beautiful rows at Whipstone Farm.

Picking tomatoes in the mud at Willowbrook Farm…

… And in the shelter of the greenhouse and Whipstone Farm.

Sunset at Whipstone.