July 22, 2020

The monsoon rains are inching ever closer and the plants are thirsty for their arrival. But all this heat is bringing on more and more of the high summer crops. This is our first week for eggplant and shallots. We don’t get shallots every season, and when we do we usually only get them once, so we hope you enjoy this sweeter cousin to the common onion. Willowbrook’s eggplants are always a treat. These eggplants are smaller than those you get at the store and have a bright purple skin. They are delicious and beautiful. I’ve included a recipe below that combines eggplant, cherry tomatoes, and basil, so I hope you’ll give it a try.

Payments for the second half of the season are due this Wednesday. If we do not receive your payment we will assume you are cancelling your share and offer it to those on our waitlist. Your prompt payment is necessary for us to pay farmers for your weekly produce. For those of you who are cancelling your share, your last pickup will be July 29th.

Have a fabulous week!

What’s in your basket – July 22nd
Basil – Whipstone Farm
Cherry tomatoes – Willowbrook Farm
Collards – Whipstone Farm

Cucumbers – Willowbrook Farm
Eggplant – Willowbrook Farm
Potatoes – Sanders’ Farm
Shallots – Bob Haskell
Tomatoes (cherry and large) – Willowbrook Farm

Beautiful fresh basil.

Cucumbers in the field at Willowbrook.

First week for these lovely eggplants.

Winter squash coming along nicely.

Sunset over the green beans at Whipstone. They’re coming soon!