July 29, 2020

I am up in Montana this week enjoying some cooler temps and a lot of time on the plentiful lakes and rivers here. I am missing out on some wonderful CSA veggies though! So far I’ve made up for the loss with some freshly grown strawberries from our friends’ garden and picking enough huckleberries for one of the best pies I’ve ever eaten. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this week’s delicious share in my absence. I’ll be missing out on arugula, carrots (my favorite!), patty pan squash, and shishito peppers. A bowl of pan-seared shishitos with a sprinkle of coarse salt is now one of my summer staples. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Please forgive any bizarre email formatting this week as I am preparing the email on my phone. I had to skip the recipe this week because the text was gigantic and I can’t figure out how to add pictures, so sorry you can’t glimpse all the loveliness this week!

This is the last week of the first half of the season. For those of you not participating in the second half, this is your last week to pick up your share. And thanks to all of you continuing through the season with us. We are so grateful for your support of our local growers!

Have a wonderful week!

What’s in your basket – July 29th
Arugula – Whipstone Farm
Carrots – Whipstone Farm
Cucumbers – Willowbrook Farm

Patty pan squash – Whipstone Farm
Radishes – Whipstone Farm
Shishito peppers – Willowbrook Farm
Summer squash – Willowbrook Farm
Tomatoes (cherry and large) – Willowbrook Farm