June 24, 2020

Summer has arrived, and with it, summer squash! The first of what I think of as the true summer crops heralds all the other summer goodness yet to come. This is also the first week for potatoes, courtesy of Dave and Ramona Sanders. We buy their potatoes every season and they never disappoint. Growing on just one acre, they produce an incredible variety and quality of crops, but they are best known in the Verde Valley for their potatoes, which no other farm seems to grow. We are so grateful for their contribution to the CSA. You can find them at the Verde Valley Farmers’ Market in Camp Verde every Saturday.

Speaking of the farmers’ markets, we hope you all are taking advantage of the other amazing local food resources in the Verde Valley. Sedona Community Farmers’ Market, Cornville Farmers’ Market, and Verde Valley Farmers’ Market offer a huge selection of local produce, meat, nuts, honey, and more from local farmers. If you enjoy eating seasonally, you can get most of your groceries from these incredible markets. Interdependence Natural Foods in Sedona also has a great selection of local produce, meat, eggs, nuts, and dairy, including produce and flowers from Whipstone Farm. If you are as addicted to Whipstone’s unbelievable carrots as I am, you will be in there every week that they aren’t in your CSA basket stocking up.

Have a terrific week!

What’s in your basket – June 24th

Beets – Whipstone Farm
Broccolini – Whipstone Farm
Carrots – Whipstone Farm
Cilantro – Whipstone Farm
Potatoes – Sanders’ Farm
Salad mix – Willowbrook Farm
Summer squash – Willowbrook Farm

Shanti and the amazing, enormous cabbage!

Tomatoes are right around the corner!

Happy young chickens have graduated to grass at Willowbrook.

Squash blossoms are so beautiful.

Black plastic mulch keeps soil moist, prevents weeds, and makes life for farmers 1,000% easier.