June 17, 2020

I spent the last week rafting the Green River in Utah and it was quite an adventure! There were hurricane-force winds, freezing cold rain storms, rapids, a flipped raft, and lots of lizards. But we were definitely missing out on fresh produce, which is one reason I am happy to be arriving home today. Thanks to Hilary for sending out last week’s email and holding down the fort while I was absent from civilization.

I’m thankful to be returning to a basket full of fresh greens and Spring crops this week. Although summer squash, garlic, tomatoes, and eggplant are just around the corner, I want to enjoy the kale, chard, leeks, and lettuce while I can. Hopefully you all are feeling the same and not entirely burned out on the greens yet. If you are feeling overwhelmed, add some kale to a smoothie or soup, or research how to prepare greens to freeze. Cabbage will last in your refrigerator for a long time, or you can try your hand at sauerkraut. Get creative and have fun! There are lots of ways to preserve your weekly bounty if it’s too much to eat in a week.

This week our Sedona distribution will be moving back to its usual location at Posse Grounds Park. Sedona shareholders can park by the basketball court or in the parallel parking spots by the baseball fields, directly across from The Hub and Skate Park. Distribution is held under the ramada in front of the concession stand/restrooms, in between the two baseball fields. If you have any trouble finding the location please give me a call at (928) 300-8623.

Have a lovely week!

What’s in your basket – June 17th

Cabbage – Whipstone Farm
Head lettuce – Willowbrook Farm
Kale – Willowbrook Farm
Leeks – Fasteen Farms
Mint – Whipstone Farm
Spring onions – Whipstone Farm
Swiss chard – Willowbrook Farm

Planting greenhouse starts into the field at Whipstone Farm.

Harvesting garlic at Willowbrook.

Peppers, eggplant, squash, and tomatoes in the field at Willowbrook.

Summer squash is coming on!

Loving Whipstone’s gorgeous bouquets.