May 27, 2020

We hope you enjoyed your first share this past week! What a wonderful start to the season. This week the weather is supposed to turn HOT — we might even break 100 degrees. Just last Wednesday, Whipstone Farm had a frost that nipped some of the cold-hardy plants like kale, cabbage, peas, and lettuce. What a difference a week makes! And it just goes to show how wildly unpredictable farming can be. It’s honestly a wonder that the crops can handle all these wild changes and end up looking so impeccably beautiful by the time they make it into our hands. I say that farmers are miracle workers.

This week we have a tasty selection of some of these cool weather crops. Hopefully this heat won’t push them out of our upcoming baskets too soon. I’ve added a basic recipe for kimchi below, but it can be expanded upon however you like, including adding kohlrabi, beets, daikon radish, or carrots. For those of you who are new to kohlrabi, it is a tasty spring vegetable we hope you will love. It belongs to the cabbage family and its flavor and texture is similar to mild broccoli stalks. The leaves can be used like collards, and both the bulb and leaves can be eaten raw or cooked. I encourage you to look up recipes if this is your first time trying it. I hope you won’t be disappointed!

The farms are in the full swing of spring, putting successive plantings of crops in the ground, dealing with pests like gophers, harvesting garlic for drying, and starting more seedlings in greenhouses. Willowbrook Farm is expanding their chicken coop to make room for 25 new laying hens that are ready to move out of their chick housing and join the rest of the flock. There is definitely never a dull moment when farming!

Have a lovely week!

What’s in your basket – May 27th

Beets – Whipstone Farm
Cilantro – Whipstone Farm
Green onions – Bob Haskell
Kale – Willowbrook Farm
Kohlrabi – Whipstone Farm
Napa cabbage – Whipstone Farm
Salad mix – Willowbrook Farm
The kale forest is looking so delicious!

Summer squash plants at Willowbrook are getting big.

Willowbrook’s chickens are getting a new coop.

New chicks getting big and already roosting.

The peonies at Whipstone are so beautiful. Interdependence Natural Foods in Sedona might still have some!