September 11, 2019

It is only a hint, but I am starting to feel a bit of Fall in the air! The cooler weather these past few days feels absolutely amazing, but it signals a definite shift in the growing season. It’s hard to believe but we only have one more month of enjoying the CSA. And this week’s share is definitely giving off late Summer/early Autumn vibes with green beans, spaghetti squash, bok choy, and leeks on the menu.

One thing I have been grateful for this season is that I haven’t gotten tired of any one item. Every year I hear from a shareholder who is sick of getting so many onions, or garlic, or tomatoes, or kale, or really anything that we have had in abundance. But this year we have been blessed with such a mix of items! I know the growers haven’t been particularly pleased with the crop failures and unexpected weather, but these combinations have made for one of my favorite seasons to date. Every year is so different, but they are all so special and delicious.

In the next few weeks we will be sending out our Early Bird Contract for those of you who want to sign up again for next year’s CSA season. Signing up early is incredibly helpful for us. It provides the security of knowing how many shareholders we will have the following year and saves us a lot of time and effort spent promoting the CSA and calling you to remind you to signup. So if you know that you want to be a CSA shareholder again next year, we ask that you please sign up early. We also have a very long waitlist of eager new interested shareholders, so signing up early is your only guarantee that there will be space next season. Thanks for your continued support!

Have a beautiful week!

What’s in your basket – September 11th

Bok Choy – Whipstone Farm
Cucumbers – Willowbrook Farm
Green beans – Whipstone Farm
Leeks– Whipstone Farm
Salad mix– Willowbrook Farm
Spaghetti squash – Willowbrook Farm
Tomatoes – Willowbrook Farm

Green beans! Woohoo!

Last planting of lettuce at Willowbrook.

More green beans looking beautiful at Willowbrook.

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