July 10, 2019

This week we have what may be a CSA first: shallots! We tried unsuccessfully to include these a few years ago, so I think this is the first time shareholders have actually gotten hold of these sweet cousins to the onion. These shallots come from Bob Haskell in Cottonwood, who always has a great mix of produce that Whipstone and Willowbrook Farms don’t grow. I’ve included a recipe below for crispy shallots and summer squash that I hope you’ll enjoy!

Also this week we get some tasty Santa Rosa plums from Marilyn’s Orchard in Camp Verde. Stone fruit season is definitely upon us! I found an entire tree full of ripe early peaches at my mother-in-law’s house in the Village of Oak Creek yesterday and apricot trees in Uptown Sedona are dropping their unused bounty on the streets. I encourage you all to take advantage of the extra fruit in many yards and ask homeowners if they will share their harvest. Many people don’t know what to do with a whole tree full of plums or apricots, so if you like preserving fruit, baking pies, making jam, or just sharing with friends, don’t be shy.

Payment reminders went out yesterday and second half payments are due on July 17th. Thanks to those of you who have already been in touch about sending in your payment or cancelling your share. I will be leaving town for two weeks on Sunday, so please let me know if there will be any changes to your shares by then.

Have a fabulous week!

What’s in your basket – July 10th

Broccolini – Whipstone Farm
Kale – Willowbrook Farm
Plums – Marilyn’s Orchard
Salad mix – Willowbrook Farm
Salad turnips – Whipstone Farm
Shallots – Bob Haskell
Spring onions – Whipstone Farm
Summer squash – Willowbrook Farm

Ladybugs spreading from the kale to lettuce.

Peppers getting bigger every day!

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