June 5, 2019

Well things are finally warming up and the plants are acting like it! Crops were headed out into the field this week as the last frost has finally passed, and it won’t be long before the eggplant, summer squash, and tomatoes filling our baskets have left this slow start to the season far behind. We pride ourselves in trying to get 7-9 items in your baskets each week, so it can be a bit disappointing for us when we are delivering only six, but know that your baskets will be overflowing later this summer. And thanks to all of you for sharing in the risks and rewards of the farming process. It can truly be a gamble but the produce speaks for itself in letting us know that the risk is worth it.

This week we are taking another shot at Whipstone’s asparagus. The plants have rebounded and there should be enough for all of us. If for some reason the asparagus doesn’t work out this week, you will receive garlic from Willowbrook Farm and arugula from Whipstone Farm in its place. Let’s cross our fingers! Your baskets will also include fennel this week, which hasn’t made it into our shares for the last several years. Fennel is delicious but can be a bit tricky to figure out how to use, so check out the recipe below for an idea. It seems strange to be getting early Spring crops like asparagus and fennel in June, but it’s a strange year so we’ll take it!

Our flower share distribution begin next Wednesday, June 12th, so this is the last week that you can sign up for a flower share. We are so incredibly lucky to have access to local, organically grown flowers from Whipstone Farm. I never thought I would be able to enjoy local flowers here in Arizona, but these are truly the best. If you would like to add a flower share to your weekly pickup please contact Hilary at hbarnett101@gmail.comsince I will be out of town and unreachable this week.

Have a glorious week!

What’s in your basket – June 5th

Asparagus – Whipstone Farm (or garlic from Willowbrook and arugula from Whipstone)
Fennel – Whipstone Farm
Kale – Whipstone Farm
Onions – Bob Haskell
Salad mix – Willowbrook Farm
Sunflower sprouts – Willowbrook Farm

Freshly harvested fennel at Whipstone Farm.

Looking forward to another batch of Bob’s onions!

In my opinion, no other salad mix compares to the ones we get from Willowbrook and Whipstone.

Last chance to sign up for Whipstone’s gorgeous flower shares!

Summer squash in the field at Willowbrook Farm.

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