September 7, 2016

I was talking to my mom a few nights ago and we were discussing last week’s CSA share. She told me that the corn was the best she had ever had and expressed her gratitude to Denise for all the hard work that she now knew had gone into producing those precious ears. We also talked about Whipstone Farm’s melons and how she had immediately cut hers up and started eating it because she knew it was ready and could not wait.

Buying and eating produce fresh from the farm is completely different that buying produce at the store. Oftentimes the food in your shares needs to be eaten almost immediately. It wasn’t grown for its ability to ship well without bruising or its uniform color or shape. Our farmers are striving to grow delicious, nutritious, organically grown produce. It certainly is not a perfect science and it is not always pretty or on schedule. My mom said that people need a local food class just to learn what to expect, and I think she might be on to something! After so many years of buying supermarket produce we are all re-learning how to eat fresh food and what exactly to expect. I hope that you all enjoyed your corn and melons last week and were able to catch them in that perfect window of ripeness.

This week we have two specialty items that are a little more expensive – watermelons and roasted chiles – so we have fewer items in your basket. The watermelons have a yellow flesh, and they look delicious. I can’t wait to try them! Melons have a very short season, so this will most likely be our last melons of the year. Roasted chiles may look a little strange in the bag since they are cooked, but they are a delicious addition to eggs, quesadillas, macaroni and cheese, and really anything you can think of! If you can’t eat them all right now, they freeze easily in a jar or tupperware so you can enjoy them when summer is long gone.

Have a great week!

What’s in your basket – September 7th
Basil – Willowbrook Farm
Cherry tomatoes – Willowbrook Farm
Salad mix – Whipstone Farm
Soyu long cucumbers – Willowbrook Farm
Roasted chiles – Whipstone Farm
Yellow watermelons – Whipstone Farm

Lettuce is back.


I just love the colors of all the eggplants.

Planting a new crop of leeks at Whipstone Farm.

Kabocha squash curing at Willowbrook Farm.

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