May 18, 2016

Welcome to the tenth season of Verde Valley CSA! In some ways things are still the same as our very first season, but so much has changed too. We thank all of you who have been with us for this journey — some of you since that very first season! To our new members, welcome and thank you for supporting local farmers. We are so excited to serve you all this season.

This week we get a good look at the range of farming types in the area. We have greenhouse hydroponic cucumbers from Tickaboo Ranch in Camp Verde, marking the end of the greenhouse growing season. We have garlic scapes from Willowbrook Farm in Camp Verde, a reliable first crop. And we have a wide range of late spring items from Whipstone Farm in Paulden, which grows year round.

If you haven’t already, please follow Verde Valley CSA on Facebook and Instagram. I will be sharing photos and bits of information throughout the season and hope to offer you a closer look at the workings of the farms growing your food.

Thank you all for being members of Verde Valley CSA! We look forward to another great year providing the freshest local produce, flowers, and eggs.

What’s in your basket – May 18th

Asparagus – Whipstone Farm
Cucumbers – Tickaboo Ranch
Garlic scapes – Willowbrook Farm
Rapini – Whipstone Farm
Salad mix – Whipstone Farm
Spinach – Whipstone Farm

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