August 8, 2018

At this point in the season you have received quite a few bags of potatoes, onions, and garlic. Some of us have no problem using these crops right away, but I always hear the refrain that this shareholder or that shareholder has “too many onions” or too much garlic!” Luckily, these three crops store beautifully, and there is no rush to use them immediately like greens, tomatoes, etc. If you are feeling overwhelmed by any or all three of these crops just do a quick internet search for how to store them. And if you just know that you will never eat a certain item please pass it along to a friend or leave it with our volunteers to pass on to another shareholder who is looking for extra.

Shanti from Whipstone Farm said in her newsletter this week: “Of all the veggie crops growing right now, I am most impressed by the parsley. It’s not generally a crop that catches my attention. It usually does so-so.  But this year it is gangbusters. It is probably over knee height and no matter how much we pick, we hardly seem to make a dent in the row. I am loving it in tabbouleh, potato salad and most of all in my lunch-time smoothie each day. With an impressive list of health benefits (thank you google!), I encourage you to try some if you don’t normal keep it in your fridge. Don’t let our gigantic bunches scare you off, you can always dry in for the herb cupboard or better yet – throw it in a smoothie.” So enjoy another week of parsley and try something new with this flavorful herb!

Have a wonderful week!

What’s in your basket – August 8th

Beets – Whipstone Farm
Cherry tomatoes– Willowbrook Farm
Cucumbers– Whipstone Farm
Green beans– Whipstone Farm
Parsley– Whipstone Farm
Potatoes – Sanders’ Farm
Tomatoes – Willowbrook Farm
Salad mix– Willowbrook Farm

Olive showing off the huge bunches of parsley.

Loving these zinnias at Willowbrook Farm!

The peppers have just started coming on at Whipstone Farm….

…. and so have the hornworms, which are all over the peppers and tomatoes.

A peek at the butternut squash, coming along nicely.

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